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Our Ekklesia has been studying the seven signs of the Messiah recorded in the book of John, and I’ve written several posts regarding this, based on my meditations on scripture and what I believe Jesus has said to me regarding them.ย  Here are the links:

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Light for this Generation

The last one I haven’t published here to this site. It (and all the others as well) is on my brand new site, which you can access at http://www.journeyintotheson.com/. I hope to see all of you there.

Love in Him, Cindy


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Olive Branch

On the third day I sought Him regarding the sixth miracle in the gospel of John, the healing of the man born blind, Jesus gave me the following:

I asked: Lord, about light, and blind eyes seeing and seeing eyes blind–what was so important about this sign that a man was born blind so that you could open his eyes?

Your eyes–physical eyes–are so limited. You can see only that which is before you in your immediate surroundings. The eyes of your imagination see many things both here and there, past and present–even things your physical eyes have not seen you can imagine, though without much clarity. Spiritual eyes are different.

Lord, I want to see with spiritual eyes. I really, truly want to see actual visions from You and dream dreams from You.

You are My daughter. You will see visions and dream dreams, but you MUST declare them. Are you prepared to do that?

To whom, Lord?

To this generation, thoughtless and perverse, you will declare that which you see and hear in the Spirit.

Why me, Lord?

Ha! You are a funny child. Because in asking you have declared your willingness to hear, but I do not give these things for the sake of satisfying curiosity. They are strategic data, given strategically, to be used and disseminated as I direct.

Fill me with Your fire, Lord, and with Your visions that You will direct me in declaring. I do not want to have lived an ordinary life, but a life in You.

My light is My life and My life is light. When I withdraw My light from them, they die and return to their dust. Those who do not have My life have not the light.

Bring me an olive branch.

I haven’t got one, Lord. They don’t grow here.

But you would if you could.


Bring it in the Spirit, then.

What size?

Bring a small one.

In my imagination, my spirit, I did this.

Remember Aaron’s rod that budded?

Yes, Lord.

Can I give this olive branch, severed from its tree, life?

No, Lord. Not without grafting it into a new tree.

But Aaron’s rod?

It budded, but it didn’t make a tree. It bore blossoms and almonds, but I suppose it’s dead now.

Why would you suppose that?

It’s not part of a tree, Lord.

Yet it budded and bore blossoms.

That was a special sign, Lord. It didn’t become a tree.

You are right. I gave it life for a time, but only to show My people their need of Me. Aaron’s rod had some life in it. Enough to bud, blossom, and even produce a little fruit, but without a source of flowing life, it finally withered and died. On the day I would have grafted it into My Tree of Life, Aaron withdrew it and refused, and now it is dead.

Will You graft it back in, Lord?

No. The Aaronic priesthood is dead. For a time I ordained it, but not for an eternity. But I have said to My Son, ‘You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.’ The time of the Aaronic priesthood is dead. The time of Melchizedek will never end.

I will have My kingdom of priests, but you must first lay down the mortal, natural caste system of priesthood and take up, each of you, the spiritual raiment of your order, offering true and spiritual worship, which is acceptable to Me.

How do we do that, Lord?

Come, each of you, and seek Me with your whole heart, and I will consecrate you daily. I will give you the oil and the wine and the bread of life. The oil is to make your light a burning and a shining light to fill the room, the holy place, with light, but when you enter the most holy place, you are in Me and do not need to bring a light. There you will know true light.

The wine–the blood of redemption, is for you–to make your face to shine and to cause you to rejoice before Me–to take you out of your imprisonment within yourselves and into My Son.

The bread is true bread, to give you strength and life. My bread is sufficient for you, and more than sufficient–it is the tree into which you have been grafted–it is root and trunk to bring life continually.

After this, I had to go. I’ll tell you more later.

Blessings, Cindy

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And the Life was the Light of Men

In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. God equates life with light. We see only the symbols of these forces; life and light, but God, who knows all things, has chosen to reveal them to us through His Son. If you haven’t read my last post, please take the time to check it out so you’ll have a foundation to understand this one better. God wasn’t done talking to me about the subject of light and the meaning of theย  miracle Jesus performed when He healed the man blind from birth. Here’s what I received from Him a few days later:

Stay under My pavilion. You will still feel the weather, but I will keep the worst of it off you. My church that is founded on Me will not/cannot be shaken. If anything can be shaken, let it go. It is not of Me. I know how to keep My own, and I know how to purify My house. Some may go out and come back in, yet others will remain within. He who goes out will suffer because of it, but will not be lost. Some, however, who are not of you, will be shaken out, and they will not come back. I have the words of eternal life, and that is precisely what they are avoiding.

The light exposes that which they are unwilling to let go, yet which they need to leave behind. In the shadows, they can and do hide those things they know will not and cannot be approved. They can pretend they are citizens of the Kingdom, benefit from its fellowship, prestige, make themselves feel they are accepted in the beloved–all while maintaining the laws of their native land in their hearts.

That is why I said that, as the light of the world, I came to make blind eyes see and seeing eyes blind. It is not enough to say, “I see” whilst keeping your eyes tight shut. Open your eyes. You will see things you don’t like–things that shame you. Yet you must open them if there is ever to be a deliverance for you from darkness. It has been given to Me to have life in Myself, and that life is the light of men. You have no life of your own. What you have that you so desperately cling to is a mere image–like a photograph–of life. If you have a desire, as you behold that image–a desire for more–a deep longing–know that is Me you desire and long for, for I am life.

More later . . .

Blessings, Cindy

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Light Breaks Through

Jesus’ day at the temple started with a bunch of Pharisees wanting to stone a woman caught in the act of adultery. I can only assume her male consort ran faster than she did, since Moses commanded both to be stoned–but never mind that. It wasn’t enough that Jesus spoiled the party by refusing to cooperate. He then proceeded to needle and irritate the Jews who hadn’t left in shame after the would-be stoning incident. And as if that were insufficient, He topped it all off by as much as saying that He was God. It was too much. The law dogs would have their stoning, and it was Jesus they were aiming for. But He “hid Himself and went out of the Temple, going through the midst of them.” My interpretation: He walked right out through the middle of the crowd of angry Pharisees and they didn’t even see Him go.

As Jesus passed by, He saw a man who had been blind since birth. You might think, given the situation, that Jesus would be in a bit of a rush to get back to the Mount of Olives, but no. He made some cryptic remarks to His disciples about working in the daytime, then proceeded to violate the Sabbath, as was His custom. He made clay. Making clay on the Sabbath was specifically forbidden because everyone (particularly me) knows that making clay is hard work. But Jesus just spat on the ground and mixed up a batch of clay anyhow and rubbed onto the blind man’s eyes. I’m going to make you read the rest of the story for yourselves. Of course you know the blind man is healed and the Pharisees are ticked about the clay, but go ahead and read it here anyhow so you’ll know everything that’s going on.

This is what I believe God said to me about this sign:

This sign says more about Me than all the other signs so far. By light, all is revealed and made manifest. Without light, you may as well be born blind, for though you have the facility to do it, you see nothing without light. This is the light that came into the world: The Father in Me. Without the Father and the Son, there is no Spirit–there can be no light. Light, the light you see around you, is just a picture, an image of the Holy Spirit–only slow and dingy compared to the Spirit–but for now, this image is the most you can bear to see.

Imagine if I were to suddenly reveal Myself as I truly am to the world. Those blind for lack of light will see, and those groping around in the dark with their eyes tight shut will be blind still–though they will deny it, for in their experience, nothing has changed. Thus the “seeing” will be made blind–that is, everyone will now realize their blindness–everyone save themselves.

You made the mistake of seeking Me in the pathways of logic, though the logic was fatally flawed in that it was earthly, sensual, devilish. You who seek Me in these places find cobwebs, dust, and drought. This is a dry and thirsty place where no water flows. Get out of there lest you choke to death on the dust, become entangled in the webs, and shrivel up for lack of water. This is not My place of learning, but only a place for the dead. Soon I will penetrate it with light and rescue those captives who truly seek Me.

For judgment I came–that those who say, “We see” may be shown as they are, that is to say, blind. And those who were blind but knew it, those who love the light at its appearing, may no longer stumble, but walk by the light of life.

I came to bring light to a land of great darkness that those who see the light, and love the light, may be saved from the night, turn from death, and walk in the day.

As with all of these signs, I’ve found it a battle to listen to God regarding this. I can only conclude that where there’s battle, there’s a victory to be won; a mystery to be uncovered; a stronghold to be vanquished. In ourselves we are nothing, but in Him, we are always victorious–provided we don’t surrender. More in a couple of days, so stay tuned. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Blessings, Cindy

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Is “common” courtesy in critical condition? I think it might possibly be. One can only speculate on the cause. Is it that we’re living in a post-Christian, post-modern world? Is it because people don’t care about how they treat others? Certainly this is part of it, but I don’t think it’s the whole story.

I have plenty of young friends (I’m OLD–nearly 50 ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) who are as loving and well-meaning as it’s possible to be. They’re Christian and secular, city and country, far-left and far-right, but I’m convinced that none of them has any desire to offend or to be discourteous in any way. Yet many of them do discourteous things and seem to have no idea they’ve inconvenienced anyone. My best guess is that they just don’t know any better.

Maybe (probably) both of their parents worked full time or their parent without a partner worked more than full time. In a case like this, once a kid gets out of day-care, the main influence on his life is peers who also don’t have a lot of training, teachers who don’t encounter the opportunities to teach the courtesies common in the past, and television, movies, etc., which aren’t into including anything that doesn’t directly advance the plot.

So courtesy, that invisible oil that makes society work smoothly, gets left out of the mix. A person who hasn’t been taught that he needs to put oil in his car’s engine isn’t going to do it. He’s not trying to destroy his vehicle–he just had no idea he needed to periodically check and change the oil. He’s not stupid. He simply didn’t know to ask and nobody thought to tell him. After all, everyone knows you need to keep oil in your car and everybody knows how to treat others with consideration. Don’t they?

Treating people courteously is a way of showing love, and love is the center of who God is and who He wants us to be. Courtesy is treating others as we’d like to be treated. Most everyone has heard the Golden Rule . . . “Treat others the way you’d like them to treat you”, yet we sometimes need a little help in pointing out how to implement it in our lives for the blessing of others.

In the interest of changing the oil in a few suffering automobiles, I’d like to offer some tips for treating others with not-so-common courtesy.

  • Have you said you’re going to do something? Then do it. Don’t wait until the last minute and then back out. The lady who’s running the Vacation Bible School this year has enough to do without finding out at 10:00 a.m. that you’re not going to bring the snacks you promised for Tuesday morning because you had a chance to move your dermatologist appointment up and now you don’t have the time.
  • Have you promised to do something and now you realize you can’t? Call and let someone know. Don’t let them find out you’re not coming when you don’t show up. Or better yet, find someone else to do the thing you had promised to do.
  • Have you promised to come to the men’s Bible study at 6:00 a.m. and it’s now 5:30 and you really don’t want to? Do it anyway. And if you absolutely can’t come, call the leader and let him know. What if everyone else has already cancelled out and he’s headed to McDonalds only because he doesn’t want to let you down?
  • Has someone invited you to their home for a meal and you’ve been pondering over whether to accept? Make up your mind. She’s got her plans on hold, waiting to see what you’ll decide. And when you do decide, give her a call and let her know. Don’t expect her assume that, since you didn’t call, you’re not coming.
  • Have you been invited to someone’s home and enjoyed a meal and an evening of fellowship? It’s your turn now. Unless you can’t stand your host and hostess and can’t tolerate a minute more in their company, you should turn around and invite them to your home. If that’s not possible because of financial constraints or other reasons, arrange to meet them in the park for hot dogs or peanut butter sandwiches. They’re trying to build a relationship with you and aren’t really interested in the food or the fine (or not so fine) dining arrangements in your home.
  • Do you have a dog who’s absolutely wonderful and loved by everyone? Try to leave him at home when you go visiting–even if you’re visiting your parents for a weekend. They’re not used to having a dog–or at least another dog–around. It causes awkwardness and problems for everyone, including your family pooch.
  • Do you want to visit your parents or other relatives? Don’t just give them a call to inform them you’re coming. Ask. And if, for some reason, they say no, accept that without argument. They’ll be a lot more inclined to welcome you when you do come. Whatever you do, DO NOT show up unannounced.
  • When you’re staying with someone, help out with the chores. Clean up all of your messes; make your bed and strip the linens when you leave; put things back where you found them; help to wash the dishes (or wash them yourself); buy a sack of groceries if you’re eating with your host (or even if you’re not, you might show up with some snacks to enjoy together); watch your own children–don’t expect your host or your host’s teenage kids to do it for you; if your host does do any babysitting for you, say thank you–even if its your mom or dad and you’re sure they love doing it; When it’s time to go home, leave a thank you note–it will do wonders for your chances of crashing at your host’s house next time you want to.
  • When visiting, do not do chores that don’t concern you, such as dusting or cleaning the toilets, unless asked. Your hostess may well take this as a silent criticism of her housekeeping methods even though you only meant to be a blessing. If you’re at the home of an elderly person and you notice the dusting or the mowing or whatever hasn’t been done and you know it’s hard for them to keep up with these chores, you might politely ask if you can do some of these jobs. Otherwise, unless you’re staying for an extended time, leave these sorts of chores alone. If the house is honestly so dirty you can’t stand being there, get a motel room next time.
  • Finally, treat your close family and friends as politely as you would treat a stranger. Here in the US, we have a real problem treating strangers with anything less than great courtesy, yet we think nothing of saying rude things, usurping the personal property rights of, and inconveniencing our nearest and dearest. Treat your family as though you really do love them (even if you can’t stand them) and life will go a lot more smoothly for everyone.

There are many, many more things I could add to this list. The bottom line is love. Think. Always hold the comfort and convenience of others as a priority. If you don’t know, ask. Do keep in mind that this is a list made with US culture in mind. A few of the things may change when you take a trip to the UK or Pakistan or Tahiti or China, such as the sorts of chores you might be welcome to assist with. Keep your wits about you, though, and you’ll be that light to the world Jesus intended you to be.

Some of the situations I’ve mentioned are things I’ve observed or experienced in the past, but most of them are made up or are things I’ve heard other people talking about. None of this is mysterious or hard to figure out. It’s all, basically, love. It’s the Golden Rule. If we, as followers of Jesus, take time to think, we’ll know the right way to treat others.

Grace and Peace,


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