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So who’s up for that? Dry spell; those words can strike apprehension into the boldest Christian’s heart. Yet God doesn’t let anything happen except for our good–really. I was feeling anxious, and it was that kind of floating anxiety that it’s hard to assign to any specific reason or event. This is what I sensed Him saying to me:

I don’t want you anxious, but trusting in Me. Remember–perfect love casts out ALL fear, and fear is the torment you feel. Never fear, for I AM with you always, even to the end of this world and into the vast lands of eternity. You must never fear. Nothing can befall you except for your good and the good of others. I love you and place your best interests before all concerning you. I won’t bring, nor allow anything in your life that will cause you lasting harm, and I will judge and destroy all who mean you ill–visible and invisible enemies.

I will move you from this place into another, and to another. Spiritually, your journey must not stall. This means discomfort as you learn new ways of being; discomfort, but not harm. I will never leave you nor forsake you, but sometimes you may not see Me. No, I am not hiding, but your blindness is caused by looking in the wrong direction. Keep your eyes on Me. Sometimes this may be difficult, but your perceptual skills are growing day by day.

I asked: “But what about people who have these dry spells, Lord, where they can’t see or sense or hear you at all? Why? What is that?”

I asked this, not thinking of my own past experience. In retrospect, I had a big one, and I didn’t do well. I can’t say I remained faithful, but I resisted letting go of Him all together. I didn’t have much strength, but He never let me fall away entirely.

This is what I heard Him say in my heart:

You went through that already. Remember? It was a long time. You were very lonely. You sought Me, and I came to you, but it took a long time to clear your vision–and it is still being healed. You are quiet now, not so bold, not caught up in all the static. I had to push “Reset,” so to speak. It was the only way to reach you and turn you. You thought you were following Me, but you were following thoughts, ideas, phantasms.

Nothing, however correct technically, can substitute for that sure KNOWLEDGE of Me, for experiencing Me, and being one with Me. Nothing else will do. I will have a relationship, not obedient employees who do not know Me–spouting the company line, loyal, invested in the company, but not friends–not sons and daughters, not intimate soul mates. I do not need employees, as if you do anything for Me that I can’t or don’t do on My own. Even that which you do, you do in My power. Do you think you can help Me? No. I love to see you do things because it is good for you. You’re not affecting the outcome, My dear sweet little one, but is so precious to see you loving one another and becoming what I know you will become–what I created you to be and to become.

This is My will for you–eternal LIFE; and that life is to be found only in relationship with us all (God and His people)–in love. For love is life, and hatred is death. Hate is the cancer that must be healed (by destroying it) or cut out and tossed into the fire. You have elected to destroy the poison by identifying with My Son’s death. Your sin nature is dead and is dying daily.

Others worship their own fallenness. They will not submit to death of the sin nature. These are they who will die eternally. The cancer cannot be allowed to remain. It must be destroyed. It is a horror, an abomination–whoever holds on to it will follow it to destruction. Whoever wills to lose his life as it is will find true life in Me, but whoever clings to his old life will never see true life. His disease prevents him. Do not be like him. Yield a little at a time and do not spare the flesh, for if you pity it, it will be your destruction. Lay this life on the altar and as it burns, your true life will spring forth as a fire, as power, as warmth and comfort–as love.

Love, Cindy

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There’s been a lot of scary stuff posted lately about trouble coming to the western church, and I think it’s straight on. The brothers and sisters have been exhorting us to take care of the state of our relationship with God now–before the full brunt of the storm hits us.

Heed the warnings! This is the time to go over the ship and make sure everything is sound–it’s no good waiting for the hurricane to hit before you find you can’t batten down the hatches because the hardware has gone all loose and rusted. That said, the most ardent lovers of our Lord can still experience trepidation, thinking we will not have the strength to stand when the storm comes. This is so. Thank God, then, that it is not in our strength that we will have to trust. It is in His. Here is a word I believe He gave me last week as I meditated on the following passage:

Joh 1:1-5 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. All things were created through Him, and apart from Him not one thing was created that has been created. Life was in Him, and that life was the light of men. That light shines in the darkness, yet the darkness did not overcome it.

And here’s what I sensed Him saying to me. Modern English has no form for the word, “you” in the plural. Keep in mind, though, that “you” in this quotation is mostly plural. Oh, it’s singular, too, but beyond that, and primarily, it’s plural. So when you see “you,” apply it to yourself and your own band of brothers (and sisters, of course)!

From eternity, you were inside Me–in My heart. I have longed for you to be brought forth. My love is on you. How could I leave you in your blood and not take pity on you? (Ez 16:6) I called you and your heart cried out to Me, and we became one; locked together in an instant; fore-ordained in eternity past. You are My own dear one and I have known and loved you forever.

My blessed, My beloved child, hold onto Me and I will take you where I want you to be.

No more fretting and worry and tears.
Give now to Me all your frights and your fears.
You are My angel (messenger) to this dying world.
Through you shall My message to them be unfurled.
But always in comforting love I’ll enfold
the heart of the ones in My hand I do hold.
No one can take you from My holy presence;
no one estrange you from Him who has said
that you are His treasure; His remnant; His bride.
Run to My arms, Love. In Me shalt abide.
Here in My presence from evil shalt hide.

God does not always (or even often) take us out of the storm, but He does carry us through it to the other side.

Mat 10:28 Don’t fear those who kill the body but are not able to kill the soul; rather, fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Once our enemy has killed the body, there’s nothing else he can do to us. In that sense, we (and our loved ones in the Lord) are indestructible. We are in His hand–who is able to pluck us out? He will keep us, and we will stand fast, because He is able to make us stand.

Grace and Peace,


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I’m working on the post I promised regarding the differences between Allah and YHWH, but I feel I must interject with this bit of insight that YHWH has put into my heart recently.

I grew up in a Christian home, and, with the exception of a period of doubt and wandering in my adult life, I have always been a believer in Jesus. I was, however, envious of the church at Ephesus when I read this verse:

Rev 2:4 “But I have this complaint against you. You don’t love Me or each other as you did at first!

Why? This doesn’t strike one as a situation to be envied, but the thing that I felt jealous of was the fact that having lost a first love seemed to imply that there had been a first love to be lost. I have never lost my first love for Jesus or for my brothers and sisters in the Lord. For most of my life, I have longed in vain to ever experience a first love. One cannot lose what one has never possessed.

I used to hear about how people loved Jesus and couldn’t do without Him and how He was the most important and lovely and worthy and desired person in their lives. While I agreed that these were noble and good sentiments, I never was able to figure out how to relate to them. I didn’t grow up in a cold atmosphere by any means. We were involved with a wonderful church–well, at least the adults were. I think the children were just kind of there. It was a good thing to witness, a good thing to grow up with, but not a thing that we were personally invested in. We had fun and were loved and safe, but we were not really a part of the deeper things.

I’m not sure how I missed this central experience of Christianity–it’s no one’s fault but mine, undoubtedly, but I did miss out on the memo of how to love God. In the interest of saving you from the same frustration, let me share with you some things I’ve learned in my quest to come to know and love Him.

  1. You do not have the ability to love God.
  2. You cannot love someone you don’t know, and know well. You might develop a crush on a celebrity, but you aren’t in love with the person, but in love with your perception of him/her. Likewise, you can love God in this way without knowing Him, but it is not the true, deep, satisfying love He intends for you to participate in.
  3. All love ultimately comes from God. He is the only source of love in or out of the world.
  4. God wishes to be pursued. He wants you to desire Him. He is not interested in making you love Him. Like you, He is only interested in love that is freely given.
  5. We have to ask God for love, since He is the only source of love.
  6. We have to receive this love from God before we can return it to Him.
  7. We have to wait patiently in His presence, humbly asking for His love. This is hard on our pride–to admit that we cannot conjure up some kind of love to give to Him first–perhaps so that we will feel worthy to receive His love? We have to come as petitioners, not something that comes easily to a “fiercely proud people” or people who come of “independent stock” or people who are proud of “pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps.” No, we have to come as poor, helpless, needy children; children who have done wicked things and entertained wicked thoughts and who are utterly born in depravity and worthy of death, begging for God’s undeserved mercy and love. This should mean that we are willing to wait as long as it takes–our whole lives, if necessary–and not complain of being made to wait.
  8. As we wait before Him, allowing Him to bestow His love upon us, eagerly looking at His face through the scriptures which tell of Him, we will begin to notice that a love which is not the poor, insipid thing we have created and called love, has begun to flow from us to Him. His light is shining into our hearts and being reflected back to Him.
  9. The more we receive His love, the more it is reflected back to Him and to those around us. The more we open our hearts to Him, the more love they can contain, and the more love our hearts can hold, the more we can give back to Him. This is the wonderful and never-ending circle of life–not that we are born and die and our children carry on after us, but rather that the love and life of God circulates from Him to us and back again, and in the journey, flows over all those with whom we come into contact.
  10. Naturally, nothing impure or unholy can be allowed to contaminate this stream of love–this holy force that powers the worlds. Nothing. It is not good enough that our “good deeds” outweigh our bad deeds. Nothing less than purity can be allowed in such a holy river of love. Sin is worthy of death, and what is death besides separation from the source of all good–God? The evil must be destroyed, and the evil is us. Yet God loved us even when we were still sinners and didn’t want to put us out of His presence.
  11. I don’t intend to go into the whole mechanics of salvation in this post. Suffice it to say (and this is all you need to know in any case) that Jesus came into the world to save sinners. In Him, all we who believe have died to this present world, and our sin–all of it; past, present, and future–was nailed to the cross. In Him, the penalty of separation from God forever has been paid. Our sin has been separated from us, and we are made pure and able to abide (remain, live) in His presence. We cannot earn this blessed state by doing good works–indeed, we are incapable in ourselves of doing anything good–we can enter this river of love only by placing ourselves in His hands and utterly at His mercy. We must simply jump in and abandon ourselves to Him in utter and complete surrender.
  12. So we come full circle. How do we love God? In ourselves we cannot, but when we come before Him as poor beggars, and place ourselves in His hands, and wait patiently before Him, YHWH graciously and gently pours His love into us until we become full and begin to overflow and reflect that love back to Him. And so the circle is completed.

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I asked God yesterday morning for a word I could share with the members of my ecclesia (gathering/house church/simple church/organic church–not sure what to call our little group for maximum communication value.) This is what He gave me, and it was so cool I wanted to share it with you as well.

I am with you, in your midst. Don’t be afraid to give your portion of good news to your brothers and sisters. I didn’t create you, and woo you to Myself in order to deceive you. Did I say to you to be full of trepidation and afraid lest you give a false word? Unless you set out from a wrong foundation–a foundation of self-will, I will truly speak to you and through you. My servants who sincerely seek Me will never be given a stick or a stone, let alone a serpent.

When you do set out selfishly, I will chasten you, but gently and for love–not from vengeance. Don’t be so afraid of falling that you never walk. Babies fall, but parents don’t chide them for that. Self-will, yes–that must be dealt with, and consistently, but sincere and immature children do not trouble Me nearly so much as lethargic babies who do not even try to take nourishment given–let alone seek food on their own initiative.

You should be seeking food not only for yourselves, but to feed others as well. No one who seeks bread from My hand goes away empty. Seek and you will be filled. Doors will open to you and you will go in and out and find pasture for yourselves and for all who hunger for love and hope and truth.

No more will you say, “They don’t want Jesus,” for I will lead you to the hungry ones and I will arouse a terrible hunger and thirst in those to whom I lead you–a hunger that I alone can fill.
Cast down strongholds and they will fall. Mighty is the Name of your Lord. Go forth in strength and not in fear.

This seems pretty straightforward to me, but that may be because God gave it to me, and He knows how to speak to me so that I will understand Him. Because I’m not sure how it will sound to others, let me give a bit of a translation:

Jesus assures us in the bible that wherever two or more of His followers gather together, He will be there, too. Our “portion of good news” refers to things the Spirit has revealed to our spirits, whether at an earlier time or in the present moment as we meet. Brothers and sisters are our fellow believers. Jesus assures us that He didn’t create us and draw us to Himself just to lie to us. He didn’t tell us to be terrified of giving a “word from Him” that might really be from ourselves. If we truly want to hear from Him, and don’t have our own agendas, we will. Jesus said in the bible that people who asked for the Holy Spirit would not receive a stone (a worthless or lifeless thing) or a serpent (a harmful or demonic thing), but would receive what they asked for–the Holy Spirit. The stick is new, and I would say that it refers to something that was once alive, but is now dead (many present-day churches?)

Jesus warns that when we do have our own agenda in first place, we will be chastened (scolded or disciplined), but that this will be done gently and for the purpose of teaching us, not because God is angry and wishes to punish us. He warns us not to be so afraid of doing things wrong that we never try to do them at all. Self-will must be corrected, but He will not be angry with us for making mistakes when we are sincerely trying to do right. He is more concerned about lethargic Christians who do not even take in the spiritual food offered by others, let alone try to find spiritual food for themselves (by seeking Him out in prayer).

We should be seeking spiritual food for ourselves, and also for others. If we come to Him, He will give us spiritual food (this food is Himself–the bread of life).

Doors will be opened to you means that opportunities to serve others and to share His love will come. Finding pasture, again refers to finding spiritual food. Jesus said that He was the door, so all our going in and out must be through Him. The food we find is for ourselves, and for people (believers and non-believers) who are hungry for it. He assures us that there are people who do hunger for Him, and that He will lead us to them and make them even more hungry so that He can satisfy their hunger with Himself. If you have ever “hungered” for a loved one, you will understand this metaphor.

“Casting down strongholds” is a reference to praying for people and against demonic forces that would like to keep the people in bondage. The bible teaches us that we cast down these strongholds by prayer. God is mightier than the devil and by His Name, the forces of spiritual evil will fall. We are not to fight a physical battle, but a prayer battle against spiritual opponents.

Wow! The explanation is a lot longer than the original message. 😆 God speaks a lot more succinctly than I do. 😉 I hope this will encourage some of you to seek that true bread that the Heavenly Father gives us: Jesus Christ His Son.

Grace and Peace, Cindy

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1 Thessalonians 1:9 “For they themselves report about us what kind of reception we had from you: How you turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God, . . .”

You really need to read the rest of the thought to get this verse, so if you’re not familiar with what’s going on, pick up your bible and invest in a few minutes to read the whole section–or read my earlier blog posts on 1 Thessalonians as I’m meditating on it one or two verses at a time. On the day I concentrated on this verse, I was particularly asking God for something to share in our simple church gathering. Here’s what He gave me:

“Say to them (our fellowship–and yours) that I have ordained them that they should be My message to the poor, the down-trodden, the broken hearted–those for whom I have prepared My table and My wedding feast, those whom I shall delight to honor when I have infused their spirits with My Spirit and made of them a new people and remade My image within them. This is My glory, to take a broken and destitute people and create within them joy and peace, and make of them a fitting vessel for My treasure–My Son. I will implant My glory in whom I will.

I have made of you fitting vessels, though you were not fitting when I called you out from among the lost. Now it is my pleasure to use the light of My glory contained in you to light the path for many, both of daughters and of sons. Sons to bring Me delight; daughters to dance before Me; heirs to become co-laborers with My only begotten Son in the harvest of souls. I have a chosen people, exceedingly precious, inexpressibly dear to My soul. To these I send you. Be lights among those to whom I have sent you. Darkness will not stay in your presence, but those to whom I have sent you will stay, and become affected by the divine dis-ease until they willingly surrender their lives (which are death) to My death (which leads to light and life). This is My commission to you, and I will bring it to pass.”

Wow! Isn’t God amazing? He never ceases to blow me away with His beauty and His love. So what are you waiting for? Go love on Him.

Grace and Peace, Cindy

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I’ve been meditating on 1 Thessalonians one or two verses at a time. If you’re interested, you can scroll back to see the earlier ones, as well as the occasional explanation of what I’m doing, in case this looks wierd to you.

1 Thessalonians 1:8  “For the Lord’s message rang out from you, not only in Macedonia and Achaia, but in every place that your faith in God has gone out, so we don’t need to say anything.”

Wherever Paul goes, he has no need to tell what God’s doing in Thessalonica because everyone has already heard about it. The Thessalonian believers were the talk of the region. So, here’s what God said to me as I meditated on this verse:

“I infiltrated them so thoroughly that everyone noticed. Nothing was the same in them after I came to them. People did notice. Their lives had changed. No more were they fearful, but full of joy. No longer were they a shame and a reproach–they became a godly and a glorious people. My transformation, which I worked in them, was manifestly the difference between death and life.

“I still transform lives and people. I still work in and through My people. I want to work through you as you seek after My will for your lives. I will direct you as you listen and wait before Me. Soak in My Spirit and you will become more and more perfumed by My continual presence. The world will smell My fragrance and they will hate it, or they will love it, but they will react. No one remains neutral in My presence. You are My presence if you will seek Me and walk with Me night and day.”

My brothers and sisters, We are the only manifestation of Jesus most of the world will ever see. What an awesome responsibility, but if we abide in Him, God will do this through us. It is absolutely crucial that we do abide in Him. So go seek Him now. He’s waiting and longing for your company.

Grace and Peace,


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This is an entry from my prayer journal. I’m meditating on 1 Thessalonians, and posting (most of) what I sense God saying to me as I wait to hear from Him.

1 Thessalonians 1:5a  “. . . for our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power, in the Holy Spirit, and with much assurance.”

My word comes accompanied. If you are not seeing the signs, then you have not gone to a place where I have sent you, or I have sent you as a witness against a stiff-necked people. If it is My will that a people come to Me, then I will provide the power, but if I have sent you to a stiff-necked people, a few may come, but the majority will refuse. I do not put on circus acts for rebellious men.

I call the broken-hearted, the desperate, the hopeless, the needy. To these I display My power and love, but to the unrepentant? No. Those who will not come will not see My arm (symbolic of power) revealed. My chosen ones will come to Me, and rest in Me, and surrender to Me, and I will form them into My people. I will show Myself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are perfect toward Me.

The humble shall be My people. I have rejected the proud. The proud, the haughty, the self-centered, whether the world approves them or not, cannot see My face. Their eyes are only for themselves. I have called to Myself the humble, the meek, the broken-hearted, and these I have chosen and loved. My Son has loved them. I will make them glad with My Spirit and will form them into His image until they glow with the radiance of My love.

God is good.

Grace and Peace,


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If you haven’t read my post on prophecy, which is just before the first post on Thessalonians, please read that before you read this–otherwise, it’ll be a little difficult for you to follow what I’m doing here. If you don’t want to read it, please just understand that prophecy is simply God speaking to and through His kids. It doesn’t have to involve foretelling anything.

1 Thessalonians 1:4 “. . . knowing your election, brothers loved by God”

Just a quick comment before I tell you what I sensed God saying to me through this little verse–election means selection. I looked up the Greek, and it does seem to indicate that Paul is saying that the Thessalonians are chosen by God. That is a concept I’ve wrestled with for a long time, and I don’t believe in pre-destination–at least not in the classical, Calvinist sense. I understand what God was saying to me–well, a little of it, but if you don’t have a background like mine, it might not make a lot of sense to you. If you’re scratching your head, please feel free to ask a question or two and I’ll try to clarify.

I will consume whom I will consume and save whom I will save. That which is unclean, that which is abominable, I will utterly reject and cast down. I have chosen My own from eternity. I have elected for My Son those who fall down before Him, and they fall down before Him because I have elected them. Your coming to Me is the proof of My election, and My election is the power that enables you to come. I call all who have been elected, and they are elected because I foresaw their willing heart to come. Those who will refuse, I did not elect. I know everything that will be, could have been, might have been, and I have done all to save as many as will come.

What this says to me is that, while I can get a glimmer of the mystery of salvation, there are things I don’t understand yet. That’s okay though, because God understands them, and He’ll be teaching them to me throughout eternity.

Grace and Peace,


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Please see my post on Divine Reading for an explanation of what I’m doing here. The following is an entry from my prayer journal regarding what I sensed God saying to me as I meditated on 1 Thessalonians 1:1.

. . . to the church of the Thessalonians in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ . . .

Here’s what our Lord said to me:

My church is in Me; I am in My church. The location of these people is not so much Thessolonica as it is in Me. You, too, are in Me if you keep my commandment: that you have love one for another, so that the world may see Me manifested in My people. Abide in Me as I abide in our Abba. As I am fully dependent on My Abba (Father–Daddy), so you are to let yourselves go and cling to Me alone. When you feel the fear, tension, anxiety, then let yourself go. I have you. A thrashing and panicked child is nearly impossible to hold. When you do not trust, you are like a drowning person clutching at the life guard so that you cannot be rescued. Let go. My yoke (task) for you is to hear My voice and follow.

Don’t worry about where we’re going, for I know the way and I know the way through. Only I can take you there. You may think the way impassible, but it is not. The beckoning ways are the treacherous ones. I alone am the true way. Surrender yourself to Me and I will lead you through.

So, now, as if that wasn’t cool enough, He also gave me a song. He gave me the tune too, but I don’t know how to write it down. Here are the words, anyhow. I think it’s gorgeous.

There is a way you would never choose;
a way you think leads to death,
But I know all ways, and I never lose
One small lamb
One small coin,
Rebel son.

Though you think you’re forsaken,
that I no longer care,
that I stopped seeking you long ago,
I will never give up
seeking that which is dear
’til I bring the dear one
safely home.

And you’ll never turn back
without seeing Me there.
I know each step that you take.
I know the longing that tortures your soul
the yearning that won’t set you free.

It is I who did give you this troublesome heart,
and nobody else can relieve
the sad sighing, the burden
you’ve carried so long;
Come to Me,
Come to Me,
Come to Me.

Maybe this won’t speak to anyone else with the strength it does for me, but I have to tell you–I think it is so cool! God will talk to you too. He likes talking to His kids. Set aside a half hour or so, pick up a bible and a journal, and spend some time with Him today.

Grace and Peace,


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