A New Turn in the Road

The Road Goes Ever, Ever On

Today I registered a new URL for Journey Into The Son. For those of you who already follow my posts, Thanks! Please update your address book! The new home place, http://www.journeyintotheson.com , looks a lot like the old one thus far, but as time moves on and I learn stuff, I hope to make the site both more useful and more beautiful.

For those of you who haven’t gotten acquainted here yet, come on in and have a glass of lemonade. Well, I wish I could offer you a glass of lemonade, but as things are — if you have a pitcher in the ‘fridge, pour yourself some! I’ll have one, too. Hope to see you around!

Blessings, Cindy


Blog Review

I’ve been chosen! šŸ˜‰ I’ve been participating in a group project in which a number of bloggers are helping one another improve their blogs. This is my week for my blog to be reviewed. Please feel free to comment on any of these questions whether you’re a part of the project or not–I’d greatly appreciate your input.

  • I’m not really satisfied with the blog template I’m using at the moment, and I’ll be experimenting with some others. High values for me are, a) ability to personalize header and/or background, b) easy to use, c) has RSS and e-mail access widgets, d) can add “share this” links–like to facebook, twitter, etc. I’m not sure the last is available on WordPress. As far as I can tell, it’s not available in my current template, but I’m not sure I’d recognize it if I saw it. So . . . any suggestions as to your favorite template? Any advice on how to make it easier for friends to share a post they like?
  • My posts are a little different. I realize that I may (and likely do) hear from God inadequately or even incorrectly at times, but I like to put these things out for others to evaluate and judge and possibly even be blessed by. I started out explaining every symbol, metaphor, scripture reference, but it didn’t work–the posts became too long and any poetry was lost. This is essentially my journal. (Actually only the bits that apply to others besides me and the body of believers I fellowship with.) Some of it is difficult to understand and some I don’t understand completely myself. That said, if you’re in my target demographic (follower of Jesus), is it reasonably comprehensible to you most of the time?
  • I’m thinking about getting my own URL, but I like the exposure I get by being part of the WordPress.com site. I’d still use WordPress’ platform. Any input on that? Suggestions? Hosts to use or not to use? Or is it best to just stay here despite the (tolerable) creative restrictions?
  • Any other suggestions? It’s late and I’m exhausted after a long and pleasant day showing new friends around, so I’m probably not thinking of half the things I should be asking. If you see anything else that you’d change, please let me know. And thanks so much for your input.

Blessings, Cindy

Feet of Iron and Clay

You saw the feet and toes, partly of a potter’s fired clay and partly of iron–it will be a divided kingdom, though some of the strength of iron will be in it. You saw the iron mixed with clay, and that the toes of the feet were part iron and part fired clay–part of the kingdom will be strong, and part will be brittle. You saw the iron mixed with clay–the peoples will mix with one another but will not hold together, just as iron does not mix with fired clay. “In the days of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, and this kingdom will not be left to another people. It will crush all these kingdoms and bring them to an end, but will itself endure forever. You saw a stone break off from the mountain without a hand touching it, and it crushed the iron, bronze, fired clay, silver, and gold. The great God has told the king what will happen in the future. The dream is true, and its interpretation certain.”
(Daniel 2:41-45 HCSB) (This is only the last few lines of the story in Daniel–be sure to read the rest if you’ve forgotten it.)

My husband is always saving news articles for me that he thinks I’ll find interesting. Usually, I do. A couple of days ago, he left one on my computer about all the economic trouble that’s currently afflicting Europe and how difficult it is for Europe to hold together. It made me think of something a friend and I were talking about during our weekly bible study together–somehow our discussion drifted briefly from the gospel of Matthew to the above passage in Daniel. I asked the Lord about it after I read the article, and here’s what I sensed Him saying to me:

My time for these things has not yet come, though you are always eager. Soon. Soon, My bride–soon. But not just yet . . . .

To you, the fired clay represents something less weak than the wet clay–yet wet clay clings and flexes, while brittle fired clay only crumbles and shatters and breaks apart. It can take no impact or shifting. There is no give. Inflexible, rigid, dry and dead; it cannot be made alive, but it will be given the appearance of life for one brief period of time before I shatter it, along with the iron (which is also brittle, though stronger).

This dead thing with the crumbling feet is the enemy’s appalling answer to My one new man. How little he comprehends of life! How flawed and diseased and depraved is his vision of living, of power. This is the best he can fabricate; joining bits he’s found lying about; scattered remnants of glory past; discarded shells and dry leaves disguised as precious things. His sin-crazed heart can no longer see the true wealth or the true glory, which is love. He is depraved beyond all redemption, and was so the moment he chose to seek his own above all else.

The iron and clay–he has nothing better to work with. He used all the more suitable and beautiful materials first, and now, when at last he has come to the first–the foundation–the feet, he has but iron and clay, which, though he knows to be grossly inadequate, he must use or fail utterly. It will hold together for an hour–a day–an abysmally short time. If I did not crush it, this aberration would crush itself by its own absurd and unthinkable weight. All the weight of all the years, bearing down on those feet of iron and clay.

You will be able to see it go, but you will not have a hand in it. Only with your eyes will you behold and see the salvation of your God. In this will My righteous servants be justified. In this will My sons and daughters receive the glory I have kept back, to bestow it on them at maturity. In that moment, as the dead are raised, as the righteous are vindicated, as the wicked are destroyed, as the sovereignty passes to the daughters and the sons of My hand–in the moment of final triumph shall death be swallowed up in victory and sin in peace.

My question, which He never really answers to my satisfaction: “But how long, Lord? How long must we wait until You come? How long until we see Your face?”

Soon, Child–very soon. You will see these things unfold. You will see Europe darkened and the pale greenish glow of the angry star of Ishtar as it rises to give its ghastly light. A light that obscures and obfuscates–that hides and confuses and misrepresents–a light only the blind can embrace–and there are many, many blind. This “light,” instead of shining out, sucks everything into itself, like a collapsing star–like a dying star.

But you, My daughters and sons–but you, My noble children, shall watch with me as My firstborn, the Son of My love, cleanses and annihilates and utterly shatters the nations. He shall dash them into shards, like a potter’s vessel. He shall grind them into powder and scatter them to the four winds. He shall retrieve the earth for its final day, for its Sabbath rest, for the ice cream, the celebration, the last good day, the reunion time, the time of rest and remaking–of the making of mighty sons and glorious daughters. My family shall I have, My bride and My body–My city of priests covering the universe. One city, one body, one bride, one people. The dream of God and man come together in one.

I didn’t know anything about Ishtar and figured I’d probably seen his name in the bible as some pagan god. It’s not in the bible, at least not in this form and in any of my translations. I did find Ishtar on Wikipedia, and it’s a she–not a he. A really interesting article. Plus, the “star of Ishtar” apparently has further meaning, but I haven’t time this morning to read up on it. If you know anything, feel free to post it. Otherwise, when I’ve studied it a little while, I’ll post an article about it.

Blessings, Cindy

The Shepherd

Again on the healing of the man born blind (John 9), this is what I heard from God.

The people of this world are ALL born blind. The children know this and depend on others for sustenance, guidance, wisdom–but they too contend with the nature of Adam. You are all born blind, but such as the children, who know their need, who see their utter helplessness, who cling to Me, shall see.

My ways look circuitous and ill-kept and dangerous to you. Remember the Beruna Crossing, though. (In CS Lewis’ “Prince Caspian,” Lucy is asked to follow Aslan (Christ figure) alone though no one else believes she is seeing and following Him.) Though you must follow Me alone, yet follow. I know what lies ahead and I know the best and most direct way is not often the shortest or easiest.

Come with Me and I will take you by paths you will never find alone. You must learn to hear Me. It is imperative that you learn to hear Me. I will honor the one who hears and listens to My voice and follows, with life. ALL who come to Me I will receive. DO NOT follow an impostor. DO NOT be deceived. There is no more time for that.

Value those things that are of genuine worth, not the things deemed valuable by the world, but the things truly worthy of being valued. Value My Son. Value loyalty and obedience to Him. Value your brothers and sisters, whom you see. Value the pleasure of your bridegroom. All the things you see around you–all of them–will return to Him who made them and gave them. Nothing will be lost, but all will return to Him, and He will re-make them. If you have life within you, then you will remain. The soul that sins (by refusing Him) will die and its life will return to its maker.

I saw in my mind a landscape of hazy mountains, so I asked what it meant.

That is the future, and it is smoke, not mist. Into that you must go, but you will not long remain. You are light, for light dwells in you, yet a little time you must remain, and I will be in you and guide you and at the right moment, pluck you out. Do not remain in the toxic places, but go to the places where you find air. There remain until I send for you, and I will send My own Son at the right moment, and pluck you out–you and those you have acquired in that place–the children which the Lord shall give you. You will lead them out as freed captives rescued from the poisoned land. With their little ones and their goods you shall rescue them, and I will bring you home.

This is what I received the next day:

You are My chosen, and to you I have bequeathed light. To you, My children–to you, My bride, to you, My anointed ones, have I given light. Your eyes, which once were darkness, now are light. Your thoughts, which once were muddled and confused, now follow and come into conjunction with Mine. Your part, which has been obscure to you, you now begin to see.

Out of darkness, which you once were, the light is sparked; the flax begins to smolder. Light comes when its time is right. It will not be sanctioned before its time because the power to sustain it is not there, but as I lay the fire for lighting, so you must place things in order for the One who kindles.

Believe Me when I say that you shall not walk much longer in secret. The time for revealing shall not wait much longer, but it now stands just beyond the door. Will you be ready? Pray for the brethren that they may be prepared, that they know how to walk with godly intent, that they know My ways, My countenance, My expression, that they may be guided by My eye.

I will make you all what I want you to be, both as a body and as individual members. See that you all prepare yourselves in fasting and in prayer to receive My words to you as you walk in the way and as you sleep and as you wake. Look to Me moment by moment and hour by hour as you travel with one another, as you rest, and as you journey. Seek Me day and night and you will find I am always where you need Me.

If you do these things on a consistent basis, your eyes, will be opened (though you were born spiritually blind). But now, blessed are your eyes, for they see–and your ears, for they hear. Listen, then. Look and you will see. Don’t neglect to walk apart with Me so that you may be refreshed. In this time I will supply you with My strength and I will fill your spirit with the joy you will require for the day’s needs. Surrender to Me and I will fill you with My life.

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Olive Branch

On the third day I sought Him regarding the sixth miracle in the gospel of John, the healing of the man born blind, Jesus gave me the following:

I asked: Lord, about light, and blind eyes seeing and seeing eyes blind–what was so important about this sign that a man was born blind so that you could open his eyes?

Your eyes–physical eyes–are so limited. You can see only that which is before you in your immediate surroundings. The eyes of your imagination see many things both here and there, past and present–even things your physical eyes have not seen you can imagine, though without much clarity. Spiritual eyes are different.

Lord, I want to see with spiritual eyes. I really, truly want to see actual visions from You and dream dreams from You.

You are My daughter. You will see visions and dream dreams, but you MUST declare them. Are you prepared to do that?

To whom, Lord?

To this generation, thoughtless and perverse, you will declare that which you see and hear in the Spirit.

Why me, Lord?

Ha! You are a funny child. Because in asking you have declared your willingness to hear, but I do not give these things for the sake of satisfying curiosity. They are strategic data, given strategically, to be used and disseminated as I direct.

Fill me with Your fire, Lord, and with Your visions that You will direct me in declaring. I do not want to have lived an ordinary life, but a life in You.

My light is My life and My life is light. When I withdraw My light from them, they die and return to their dust. Those who do not have My life have not the light.

Bring me an olive branch.

I haven’t got one, Lord. They don’t grow here.

But you would if you could.


Bring it in the Spirit, then.

What size?

Bring a small one.

In my imagination, my spirit, I did this.

Remember Aaron’s rod that budded?

Yes, Lord.

Can I give this olive branch, severed from its tree, life?

No, Lord. Not without grafting it into a new tree.

But Aaron’s rod?

It budded, but it didn’t make a tree. It bore blossoms and almonds, but I suppose it’s dead now.

Why would you suppose that?

It’s not part of a tree, Lord.

Yet it budded and bore blossoms.

That was a special sign, Lord. It didn’t become a tree.

You are right. I gave it life for a time, but only to show My people their need of Me. Aaron’s rod had some life in it. Enough to bud, blossom, and even produce a little fruit, but without a source of flowing life, it finally withered and died. On the day I would have grafted it into My Tree of Life, Aaron withdrew it and refused, and now it is dead.

Will You graft it back in, Lord?

No. The Aaronic priesthood is dead. For a time I ordained it, but not for an eternity. But I have said to My Son, ‘You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.’ The time of the Aaronic priesthood is dead. The time of Melchizedek will never end.

I will have My kingdom of priests, but you must first lay down the mortal, natural caste system of priesthood and take up, each of you, the spiritual raiment of your order, offering true and spiritual worship, which is acceptable to Me.

How do we do that, Lord?

Come, each of you, and seek Me with your whole heart, and I will consecrate you daily. I will give you the oil and the wine and the bread of life. The oil is to make your light a burning and a shining light to fill the room, the holy place, with light, but when you enter the most holy place, you are in Me and do not need to bring a light. There you will know true light.

The wine–the blood of redemption, is for you–to make your face to shine and to cause you to rejoice before Me–to take you out of your imprisonment within yourselves and into My Son.

The bread is true bread, to give you strength and life. My bread is sufficient for you, and more than sufficient–it is the tree into which you have been grafted–it is root and trunk to bring life continually.

After this, I had to go. I’ll tell you more later.

Blessings, Cindy

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The Light of Men

And the Life was the Light of Men

In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. God equates life with light. We see only the symbols of these forces; life and light, but God, who knows all things, has chosen to reveal them to us through His Son. If you haven’t read my last post, please take the time to check it out so you’ll have a foundation to understand this one better. God wasn’t done talking to me about the subject of light and the meaning of theĀ  miracle Jesus performed when He healed the man blind from birth. Here’s what I received from Him a few days later:

Stay under My pavilion. You will still feel the weather, but I will keep the worst of it off you. My church that is founded on Me will not/cannot be shaken. If anything can be shaken, let it go. It is not of Me. I know how to keep My own, and I know how to purify My house. Some may go out and come back in, yet others will remain within. He who goes out will suffer because of it, but will not be lost. Some, however, who are not of you, will be shaken out, and they will not come back. I have the words of eternal life, and that is precisely what they are avoiding.

The light exposes that which they are unwilling to let go, yet which they need to leave behind. In the shadows, they can and do hide those things they know will not and cannot be approved. They can pretend they are citizens of the Kingdom, benefit from its fellowship, prestige, make themselves feel they are accepted in the beloved–all while maintaining the laws of their native land in their hearts.

That is why I said that, as the light of the world, I came to make blind eyes see and seeing eyes blind. It is not enough to say, “I see” whilst keeping your eyes tight shut. Open your eyes. You will see things you don’t like–things that shame you. Yet you must open them if there is ever to be a deliverance for you from darkness. It has been given to Me to have life in Myself, and that life is the light of men. You have no life of your own. What you have that you so desperately cling to is a mere image–like a photograph–of life. If you have a desire, as you behold that image–a desire for more–a deep longing–know that is Me you desire and long for, for I am life.

More later . . .

Blessings, Cindy

I received this letter today from China Aid and wanted to pass it on to you all. Please take time to read and to visit FREE Alim.com to learn more about how to pray for Alim and his family, as well as to sign the petition and learn how to write to him and his family.

Imagine that your son has been sentenced to 15Ā  years in prison for a crime he didnā€™t commit. Alimujiang Yimitiā€™s mother Wushuerhan faced this harsh reality in the summer of 2009, when her son was forced to undergo two secret trials before being charged with leaking state secrets to foreigners, and condemned to the maximum prison sentence by the Xinjiang Courts.

Alimujiang Yimiti is a Uyghur Christian, who converted from Islam in 1995. He and his wife Gulinuer led a house church ministry in Kashgar, Xinjiang, spreading messages of hope and peace in a region riddled with ethnic conflict and violence. Targeted for his minority faith and ethnicity, Alim has been persecuted unjustly in what his lawyer, Dr. Li Baiguang calls ā€œthe worst case of religious persecution in the past decade.ā€

Authorities seized Alimujiang from his home in January 11, 2008, holding him illegally for over one year on unfounded charges of illegally spreading religion in his hometown of Kashgar. Later, the charges were changed to ā€œdivulging state secrets to foreign individualsā€ based on a private conversation the Uyghur Christian pastor held with an American Christian friend.

For the past two years, Wushueran and Alimā€™s wife Gulinuer have petitioned police officers, government officials, and state agencies. But the officers refused to see them, even barring Alimujiangā€™s lawyers from visiting him in prison. Wushueran would travel miles from her hometown to stand at the gates of Alimujiangā€™s detention center, crying aloud for his release, before guards could force her to leave.

On April 20, 2010, Wushueran, Gulinuer, and Alimā€™s two sons saw him for the first time in over two years. Barely recognizing his father, Alimā€™s four-year-old boy could only stare at the strange man, separated from him by a wall of glass. Wushueran encouraged her son to be strong, and Alim in turn comforted his family, not knowing when he would see them again.

Enraged by the injustice, Wushueran and Gulinuer now urge the international community to demand Alimujiangā€™s release. Hear their appeal for Alimujiang Yimiti, an innocent Uyghur Christian imprisoned for his faith at the Free Alim website.

Alimujiang faces a long and torturous separation from his family, simply for his profession of Christian faith. In partnership with other concerned organizations around the world, ChinaAid urges you to Sign the Petition to Free Alim!

By raising our voices in petition for Alimujiang Yimiti, we the international community can build a brighter, more peaceful future for China and for the world. Add your voice to the thousands around the globe calling for justice today!